Steel tailored to your need

With the availability of high performance laser generators the metals processing industry has been revolutionized allowing precise and repeatable cutting, welding and materials treatments.

  • Tailor welded blanks entered the market in the early 1990’s. Soon after, they have been established as a key product for car body weight reduction. NiobelCon disposes over the complete know-how and experience in this technology.

  • The development of new tailored products and their application goes hand-in-hand with innovative production technology. In line with our philosophy: “More with less”, avoiding unnecessary material scrap, using the best material in the right place and reducing manufacturing depth are the cornerstones of this approach.

  • NiobelCon consults the entire supply chain of laser welded products, analyses market potential and propagates innovative ideas and concepts.

Current activities focus on hot-form tailored blanks providing dedicated soft zones in press-hardened components.

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